angry baldi s basics cartoon

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Story: Now you can play the long-awaited game with Math Teacher and now he is at school and in the world of Craft. Game Features: - Updated interface from Craft game - Angry Teacher at School of Peace Craft - The atmosphere of horror - Very addictive gameplay - Claps ruler - Funny voice acting - Pleasant craft environment Game Tips: 1. Try to use lifted items for their intended purpose. 2. Do not fall for the director when you break the rules 3. Be careful, Scary Teacher may appear from around the corner. And most importantly - remember. No matter how well you know math, Math Teacher will not leave you alone until you complete this game! Good luck P.S. If you believe that we are infringing your copyrights, write to us at [email protected]. We will review your appeal within 12 hours.

Click any object to move