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Your mum is cooking dinner. Saddened by the amount of leftover and not wanting it to go to waste, she tasked you the job to give it all away to your neighbours. In Leftovers, your mum has tasked you with delivering her extra food to your neighbors because she would be too saddened to throw it out. Despite being told never to talk to strangers, she sends us out to talk to the creepiest strangers ever. Make your mum proud, dont be like your dad. Do you best, and dont come back until youre done! Some of the neighbors are pretty nice and normal. However, others are just plain scary and creepy as hell. One of them gets in your face sniffing all around you making weird faces because he smells your mom on you. Wow, that was such a moment. Few games have ever been so unsettling in this style. Another one of the ladys invites you in, and well you should decline her offer. What a fun variety of people we live around. It dslug make it interesting to see who we might encounter next though. The chat with the old man was another excellent moment, especially if you say no to him at first. You, who was just minding your own business watching cartoons. You who your mum have told many times to not talk to strangers. But yet, you have no right to deny the request. Armed with limited skills of communication, meet all the quirky and creepy neighbours to finish the task before your mum finish you first...literally.

Click any object to move